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This page is being delivered on a  15 year old Sun SPARC Station Ultra5 box.. I picked this up in 2006 for $100--originally they were priced at nearly $10,000. I got rid of the old Solaris OS and loaded an old copy of redhat 6.2 "Zoot" distribution.  The older flavor of Apache is a bit quirky but seems to work just fine...
The SparcStation still commands a high price, relatively speaking. What other computer made in 1997-2001 still sells for between $550-$795 depending on some hardware options ?  Just to put it in perspective, the average user had a computer with a 133-166 mhz processor and 32-64 MB of ram while this model was a dual processor 64bit 333mhz with 512MB ram. Waaaay ahead of it's time and just not affordable for the masses. I was actually a bit shocked at the prices I saw recently on the net. This website was authored in mid August of 2012.
About the only thing it's readily usable for is a bare bones web server such as you see. The attractive point about these SparcStations is that they clock fast with RISC processors and don't pump out heat & noise--very quiet machines. I've gotten PHP to function so that opens the door to add-ons like Forums and WordPress. Some might argue that this machine is obsolete. Nothing is obsolete as long as someone gets use & value from it. This machine could easily host a small business website(s) that anticipates a modest amount of web traffic. Click here to see a more modern site running on the same server


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